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door ylq vr 22 mei 2020, 08:38
I had a long dream: I lost my way on the vast grassland, and kept running while crying. Tired, tired, unable to run, even the strength to cry was gone. Lifting the confused face, looking at the distant night sky, there is no jade plate mosaic, only scattered a few small stars still glowing. Somewhere came a flying firefly, I reached out and let it stay at my fingertips. I quietly watched its gleaming tail, and couldn't help muttering to himself: "Where should I start and where should I go in the future?" I still remember when I was in elementary school. Said to me, "Mu Mu, you must remember that from this moment on, you are no longer just a child who will only be coquettish with your parents. Everything you should do is unavoidable. In this process, you will inevitably suffer setbacks and injuries. You can cry, but you are not allowed to be strong. After a few years, your mother believes that you have succeeded and you have reached the end you want to reach My life is meaningful! "At that time, I knew I was going to leave, but I did n��t know or understand where the end point was, and what was it? Despite this, I became a good boy and was admitted to the key middle school that everyone in the family expected [url=cigarettesusaonline.com]Marlboro Lights[/url]. When they encouraged and praised me that I had grown up, I was still thinking, where is the end point I want to reach, and what is it? Thinking, thinking, the day of middle school started like a elf beating at my fingertips [url=salesmoking.com]Newport Cigarettes Coupons[/url], and suddenly jumped to my front. I didn't expect what kind of surprise and happiness this period of time will bring me. I don't know if I am too attached to this problem and forget the passage of time. For the third year of junior high school, the teachers around me and the classmates around me were mostly strange faces. Perhaps the only thing that allows me to remember a few people is the active graduation photo. In this way, more than a thousand days and nights disappeared in my thinking. Before leaving school, I wrote in my diary: Where is the end point I want to reach? It has been 10 years for what it is, and I have been thinking about it for 10 years. I often think of the firefly flying in my dream. I hope to see it again. I want to ask it, even if I know it can't answer me. So now I am still thinking. Every evening, I always hold a collection of my favorite essays, walking alone on the beautiful campus, let the gentle sunset spread the rest of the light on my face, and stretch the shadow behind me so long For a long time ... One day, I came to the stone table beside the trail with my beloved book to read, and fell asleep unconsciously. I had another long dream: it was still the vast grassland, it was still the night sky with no moon and only small stars. The wind here is extremely soft. I'm waiting on the grassland [url=cigarettesusastore.com]Newport 100S[/url]. Waiting for a firefly. It came, as it did ten years ago, and flew gently with its wings. I smiled at it like my old friend, "You are here" It flew around me, and then flew away, I followed and walked until it was dawn until I ... Bai Guang, thinking for a long time and not knowing how long, my friend woke me up and asked me what happened, I laughed and said nothing. Dream is the starting point and the end!
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